Studies about Rimbaud
This series of images is our attempt to embrace the poetry of the french poet Arthur Rimbaud into our lives and our photography.Rimbaud revealed us the path which leads to vision and artificiality, he showed us the gulfs of shade and astonishment which hide into the folds of the everyday, cartographies which map out courses towards the “Unknown”, i.e. that reality which is hidden by the cognitive means of our culture.

It will be an endless work in progress, since is our intention to add always new images related to new poems, and to add also new images to the poems that are already on the website, so check regularly for updates.

About the prints
All the images were taken with a Polaroid Land Camera and the Fuji FP instant films, therefore every print is unique.
Print size is 8,5x10,8 cm. (3,3x4,2”)

- Mes petites amoureuses
- Larme
- Départ
- Fêtes de la faim
- Dévotion